Combining ancestral knowledge with the latest technologies

Our company started its activity in January 1964, continuing the work of its founder, António Francisco Bonifacio, who since very young has concentrated his efforts not only in the growth of the vine, as well as in the production and marketing of wine. Successfully manage your business for over 40 years and always with a concern:
Achieve the maximum quality of the products.
Also their children and grandchildren, to whom were handed over the company’s business, have preserved this objective seeking to maintain and improve the quality that is already recognized to the Bonifácio Wines. To do this, the vines were renewed and upgraded all facilities, always bearing in mind the importance of getting the best wines and grape spirits in the region.
Today, this family business is in charge of several hectares of vineyards, production and bottling winery, which produces about three million liters of wine per year.
This Quality, also confirmed by the most prestigious awards obtained in several national and international wine competitions, and the awareness of the Bonifacio Wines, allow this trademark to be represented in many countries around the world.