We have a production area with a large wine capacity

The production of the wines, after a careful selection of the grapes, is made using ancient techniques, dully controlled. When finished the crushing, the product is transferred to vats through stainless steel pipes, to be carried out its maceration and fermentation.
The process of maceration takes place for as long as necessary to get the color you chose as the identifying color of our wines: the intense ruby red. For the fermentation of the wine, we have a production area with a large capacity of vats and tanks of different sizes, so you can effectively control the harvest period and the fermentation conditions.
The stage of our wines takes place in stainless steel deposits and in a second phase in bottles. Next year is expected to be introduced in some wines, ageing in oak casks.
The philosophy of Quality that we impose to our products is reflected from the work in the vineyards to the production process, where we practice a sustainable methodology, in order to achieve the maximum quality in the final product that we present to the consumer.